Top 5 ways a mobile app will grow your team's business:

  1. ALWAYS FRONT OF MIND. As clients see you daily in their app list, you will be the first firm they call with a need or refer to a colleague.
  2. EASIEST TO REACH. Whether by one touch dialing or e-mail, checking your blog, or viewing your Twitter updates, you will be a hassle-free click away on the only device your clients always have with them.
  3. ONE-TOUCH REFERRALS. Your clients will be able to refer you to their network with the touch of a button either by a personal e-mail or text to a prospect, or by posting it to Twitter or Facebook for viral sharing.
  4. CUTTING EDGE IMAGE. Your clients will view your team as cutting edge, unique and successful, encouraging repeat business and additional referrals.
  5. FAST MARKET INTEL. Your push notifications with late-breaking market intel will set you apart and help your clients be the first to know.

Bottom Line:

Whether tenant rep, landlord rep, or investment sales, the ROI of keeping one happy client or adding one new client more than offsets the affordable cost of the app. With 85% of web activity now done via a mobile device, and 4 times as many smart phones as computers purchased, clearly, the best "mobile enabled" teams will benefit.

Brokerage Team App Features:

  • One Touch Contact buttons provide one-click access to each team member's phone, e-mail, Facebook page, Twitter posts, and LinkedIn profile, plus your team's blog and website
  • Referral Sharing allows your clients to easily refer you via e-mail, text, Facebook, or Twitter, providing an impressive introduction to your team with their contacts and viral networks
  • Push Notifications allow you to reach your clients with late breaking info or firm announcements with a 97% read rate vs. just 20% for e-mail
  • Research provides your clients easy access to your latest research reports and newsletters directly from your app whenever they need it
  • Listings of your properties for lease or sale
  • Team Bios with details of the entire team
  • Testimonials for client recommendations
  • Representative Clients list
  • Voice and Notepad Memo functions to use during property tours and meetings
  • GPS Navigation to your office from wherever your client is coming from
  • Personal QR Code for use on any correspondence (business cards, stationery, e-mails) to easily download your app
  • Other Important Team Details you would like to include

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